To encourage students and help give them a chance to practice what they have learned during class, we have events such as attending festivals, exhibitions, temple sightseeing, sports events, meeting at cafe`s, pubs, bath houses, etc. Students can meet other students and make friends in a relaxed environment. There`s always lots to do and see in Kyoto - ideal for excursions!




From my experience, English classes are a lot more than language. I`ve seen students from around the world inter-acting, sharing their stories, learning new things from each other and expanding their minds. My friends back home sometimes ask me "What is the draw of going abroad?" Have you ever heard of the expression `The world is a book and those who remain at home read only one page?` 







Kyoto Machiya - due to the fact that many old style houses has been demolished, more efforts are now been made to help restore them. As the photo shows, this place was in rough condition when we began work but now has been completely renewed for use as a guesthouse in the city center.

Forest thinning - In order to enhance tree growth in the dense, surrounding forests, thinning projects are managed by volunteer groups in nearby communities. After all the survey work I did back in Canada, it feels great to get up into the mountains from time to`s quiet work powersaws!