Japan is a bikers paradise. Since my first bike trip here, I`ve rode through Hokkaido, Tohoku, central and western Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okiniwa. With so many routes available, it`s easy to access much of the country. The highways are in good condition and the Japanese have a generous mindset towards bikers. At times, hotel and guesthouse managers have offered the lobby as a parking space! Coastal roads along beaches are never far away and scenic routes through valleys and higher altitude mountain passes offer beautiful scenery. Instead of purchasing a motorcycle I have opted to rent which allows me to try out new models. The extensive ferry system is convenient transport to the various islands making up Japan or to take time for a rest over longer journeys. There`s even a bath and sauna aboard the larger vessels...enjoy a soak while admiring the ocean view! For accomodation there are `riders houses` all over the country - shared, inexpensive guesthouses that cater to bikers where you can make new friends and gain valuable info on touring in Japan. Stepping up considerably in the comforts are the ryokans which are pricier of course but if you feel the need to be pampered, it`s difficult to think of a better choice. If you are tired after a long days ride, staying in a ryokan is the perfect cure. Kyoto`s proximity to central Japan allows a considerable amount of options, for example in the warmer season I like to ride north into the highter, mountainous region while in the cooler months head south or the western areas. There`s some spectacular riding around the Aso volcano area in Kyushu and to the far north in Hokkaido, the mild summers and spacious countryside remind me of back home in Canada.

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