I play squash at L-sports in Kyoto, and enjoy the pool and relax in the bath and sauna.    エルスポーツ in一乗寺 スカッシュおすすめ!


A trip to Kyoto wouldn't be complete without a sake-tasting tour in Fushimi. My student's family members are the owners of Eikun.  おいしい日本酒「英勲」。オーナーのご家族も素敵なファミリーです! 


I`ve been the owner of 6 motorcycles back home in Canada.....all Japanese. I`ve been a big fan since I began riding way back in elementary school! In Kyoto I rent bikes and fortunately there`s a great shop nearby!  バイクにご興味ある方ぜひ。カッコイイバイクがたくさん!


Japan has a fine selection of craft beer. The hard part is finding it in local stores. Yamaoka shop offers great tasting beer from all over Japan!   地ビールの種類がとにかく豊富!